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GSoC 2023: Introduction

  Hello there! I am Dave Patrick Caberto, a first-year Electronics Engineering student from Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines. This summer, I will be working on the Rust and GTK 4 rewrite of Bustle, a D-Bus activity visualizer, with the guidance of my mentors, Bilal Elmoussaoui and Maximiliano Sandoval. Me and my bizarre open-source journey Weirdly enough, I first discovered Linux five years ago on a failed attempt to do Hackintosh. I got bored with Windows that I decided to try something new and different, and that's when I eventually stumbled upon Linux, specifically Elementary OS. It did not last for me since I still depend a lot on applications that are only available with Windows. Fast-forward two years later, I decided to give Linux another try with KDE Neon and migrate my workflows to open-source applications such as LibreOffice, Inkscape, and Kdenlive. I remember feeling adventurous and breaking my system numerous times, though I considered it as part of the le

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